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Wallace P. Sullivan (Harry Potter OC)
30 September 2009 @ 04:00 pm
Confession Meme // I'm listening
Wallace P. Sullivan (Harry Potter OC)
17 September 2009 @ 03:12 am
Who needs sleep these days?

"If you woke up one morning and found me in your bed, what's the first thing you'd think or say?"
Wallace P. Sullivan (Harry Potter OC)
12 August 2009 @ 01:30 am
Name: Wallace P. Sullivan ("Sully")
Journal: glitz_n_charms
PB: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Sixth
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Write a bit of character history; backstory, family, friends, just a blurb or so:
Sully is a 6th year Ravenclaw. He's a Muggleborn from London, whose conservative parents have started accepting all kinds of things in stride since getting over the shock of their only son being a Wizard. Compared to the fact that their Wallace can perform actual magic spells (which they have managed, with much willpower, to refrain from discussing with their Vicar), what does it really matter if he wears strange clothing and seems to have a bit of a fondness for other boys? He's a Wizard, for goodness sake! They got the big shock out of the way early and, to Sully's way of thinking, that's just gravy.

Sully's a chaser on his house Quidditch team, mad for transfigruation, and a devotee of David Bowie and all things glitter. The Quidditch part made his Dad proud -- his son might be strange, and a bit of a fruit, but at least he's into sports, and they've already got one championship underneath their belt and are gunning down the barrel toward a second. His Sully might be a glitter wearing nancy-boy, but he'll take that glitter onto the pitch and kick arse while doing so. His mother's just pleased that he's doing well in school. Sully's getting top marks -- all those O.W.L.s! -- keeping his nose in his books, with an eye toward becoming an Auror after graduation. Yes, him and everyone else -- but he's good at Defense Aganst the Dark Arts and Transfiguration, so why not try for it? That plus his skills with the broom and a few years with the Dueling Club before his studies made him chose between the two (well, his studies and the new Arithmancy professor, who took over the position and made him a bit uncomfortable, truth be told), and that should put him well in the running.

Sully's brash, and a bit vulgar. He has a shy streak that he's at pains to overcome, convinced that if he lets it take control he'll never ever get laid. He's not blind to the anti-Muggleborn sentiment, but until recently he'd sort of been looking at is as just another cross to bear. Being a gay teenager in school in the 70's wasn't exactly easy, either. But it's getting more serious, and he's paying closer and closer attention. If it was just himself he wouldn't worry so much. Sully's rather convinced of his own immortality, as most sixteen year old boys are. But his parents are old, and they're defenseless against this world. Stodgy and behind the times they might be, they love him and have done their best to understand the strange son they've been given, and he loves them for it.

So he's paying attention. Because somebody's got to look out for them, after all, and if he won't, no one will.
Writing example:
He took a last look around his room, sort of fixing it in his mind. One last look at the Muggle side of his life before going to catch the Hogwarts Express and going back into the Wizarding world again.

It's just a bedroom, but in many ways its more than that. It's a room where the posters on the wall are still, single frame shots of men in glittering outfits, or old art prints. No one moves, no one tries to talk to you. It's a room with a record player, shelves of popular novels, where you can hear the telly from downstairs with the news playing. It's a Muggle's room, all evidence of his Other life packed away in the trunks. Even his owl, Ziggy, is downstairs, being slipped bits of treats by his mum. Its just a bedroom, but it's also a physical representation of what his life would have been if the letter'd never come.

It's not uncomfortable, this room. But it doesn't really fit him. But there are times when he feels that the world he's leaving it for doesn't really fit him, either -- or, well, that's not right. Not that it doesn't fit, but that it rather wishes it didn't.

It's hard, sometimes, being on the edge of things.

He takes a last look, making sure he's left nothing behind, his eyes lingering on the things that he is leaving. Would they have let him put up those posters, would they have had more to say about the eyeliner and the hair, if he hadn't already been different? Sully's not sure. But he thinks they might have. His mum and dad were good people, but they -- sometimes he isn't sure. He thinks they would have come around to loving him anyway, if he hadn't already been a Wizard before he knew that he was gay. Although there are some things that it's best not to have to find out. Some things that it's best to let lie.

He picks up his sack, slings the strap over his shoulder, and closes the door.
Name: Gillian
Journal: blankversesfic
Contact: (E-mail or AIM, etc.) goddessgillian